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Effects of Aminoguanidine on the Expression of NOS in Facial Nerve and Surrounding Tissues of Traumatic Facial Paralysis Rats

WANG Li-jun1,ZHOU Shu-xia2,GUXiao-ming1,ZHANG Ying1   

  1. 1.Dept.ofStomatology,General Hospital of Chinese People′s Armed Police Forces,Beijing100039,China;2.Dept.ofOral andMaxillofacial Surgery,College ofStomatolo- gy,The Fourth MilitaryMedical University,Xi’an710032,China
  • Received:2004-02-25 Revised:2004-02-25 Online:2004-02-20 Published:2004-02-20


Objective To study the effects of inducible NOS inhibitor aminoguanidine on the expression of NOS in facial nerve and surrounding tissue of traumatic facial paralysis rats.Methods Asmall dose of aminoguanidine were intraperitoneally injected into rats before and after facial paralysis. The facial nerve and surrounding tissues were cut at different time point. Immunohisto- chemical ABC method was used to study the changes of NOS expression in facial nerve and surrounding tissues.Results The in- ducible NOS immunoreactivity was obvious inhibited in the facial nerve and surrounding tissues in aminoguanidine group.Conclu- sion Aminoguanidine chronic treatment can obvious inhibit the inducible NOS expression in the facial nerve and surrounding tis- sues. Aminoguanidine can improve the regeneration of facial nerve and the recovery of traumatic tissues.

Key words: aminoguanidine, nitric oxide synthase, facial paralysis, facial nerve, immunohistochemistry, rat