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A Survey on Knowledge and Habits of Oral Health in Freshmen of Sichuan University

MENGShu,WUYa-fei,WANHu- chun,TANChun,HUANG Jiao,GUO Yong-hua,ZHAO Lei   

  1. Dept.ofOral Medicine,West China College ofStomatology, Sichuan University,Chengdu610041,China
  • Received:2004-12-25 Revised:2004-12-25 Online:2004-12-20 Published:2004-12-20


Objective To investigate the oral health knowledge and habits of freshmen of Sichuan University and promote the prophylactic therapy of dental diseases in the university.Methods The table and the standard on oral health survey authorized by WHOwere employed in this study.Results Only 13·1% of all the investigated freshmen had periodic oral health examination. 74·4% brush teeth twice per day, only 7·7% brush teeth over 3 minutes, 16·6% insist in fluoridated toothpaste, and only 6% had applied dental floss. 51·9% do not often take snack food and 94·7% are non-smokers;(4) Tests of prophylactic therapy of dental caries and periodontal diseases and oral health knowledge have poor results.Conclusion The freshmen have limited knowledge of oral health and lack serious attitude toward oral cleaning behaviors.

Key words: oral health, survey, dental caries, periodontal diseases