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Treatment Effects of Headgear-Herbst Appliance


  1. 1.Dept.ofOrthodontics,West China College of Stomatology,Sichuan University,Chengdu610041,China;2.Chair in Orthodontics,Faculty ofDentistry,The University of HongKong,China
  • Received:2004-02-25 Revised:2004-02-25 Online:2004-02-20 Published:2004-02-20


Objective Skeletal and dental changes during treatment and six months post-treatment with the headgear-Herbst appliance were evaluated quantitatively.Methods The sample comprised of 22 treated patients and 31 controls. Lateral cephalo- grams were obtained at start, after 6 months and end of active treatment, and after 6 months of retention.Results The restraint effect on the maxilla was significant in both initial and late phases, the enhanced growth of the mandible was significant during the initial phase only, while there was effect of reduced increase in lower facial height during the late phase only. During retention pe- riod the jaw base relationshipwas maintained and the effect on the lower facial heightwas reinforced.Conclusion The Headgear Herbst was effective orthopedic devise.

Key words: Herbst appliance, headgear, ClassⅡmalocclusion, step-by-step advancement of the mandible