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Clinical Study of Primary Branchiogenic Carcinoma


  1. Dept.ofStoma- tology,ShenzhengHospital ofBejing University,Shenzheng518036,China
  • Received:2004-04-25 Revised:2004-04-25 Online:2004-04-20 Published:2004-04-20


Objective To analyze the clinical feature and prognosis of primary branchial carcinoma.Methods The main method of this studywas reviewing the clinical feature, diagnosis, treatment methods and prognosis of 5 patients suffered from pri- mary branchial carcinoma.Results All of the tumors were excised extensively. All of the patients received radical neck dissec- tion and post-operative radiotherapy. 3 patients had pathologic evident of metastasis in lymph nodes of cervical region. 2 patients died of local recurrence of tumor and metastasis to lung. 1 patient died after post-operative 2 years. 2 patientswere still alive after 5 years′follow-up.Conclusion Primary branchial carcinoma has the very similar clinical featurewith branchial cyst. The diag- nosis should be considered if painless mass and swollen lymph nodes were found in upper neck region of patients. Rapid frozen pathologic section should be made regularly to make the diagnosis clear. The treatment should include extensive excision of tumor and radical neck dissection to improve the cure rate and survival rate.

Key words: primary branchial carcinoma, lymph node, metastasis