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Experimental study on the transparency of different all-ceramic materials and their color changes under different backgrounds 

Zhou Yeqing, Gu Xinhua   

  1. Center of Stomatology, The First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310003, China
  • Online:2014-08-01 Published:2014-08-01


Objective  To evaluate the aesthetic outcomes of all-ceramic restorations by using four different porcelain materials on mimic-tetracycline pigmentation backgrounds. Methods  The translucency parameters (TP) of four different all-ceramic restorations (IPS e.max, Cercon, Lava, and Girrbach) were measured under white and black back grounds by using Datacolor 600, and the TP of each group (n=8) was calculated. Five different mimic-tetracycline pigmentation teeth wereprinted with differentcolors by using acolorized printer as theprepared teeth backgrounds, under which the colorpara-meters of each group were measured. The color differences with a standard 2M2 sample were calculated. Results  The TP values of theall-ceramicrestorations were 15.67±0.58 for IPS e.max, 9.73±0.43 for Girrbach, 9.55±0.25 for Lava,and7.56±0.43 for Cercon. The TP value of the IPS e.max group was significantly higher than those of the other three groups (P<0.001). The ΔE of the IPS e.max group was 1.33 national bureau of standards (NBS) on the yellow background, and the ΔE of the Lava and Girrbach groups were 0.75 NBS to 1.47 NBS on the mimic-tetracycline pigmentation backgrounds of gray, dark gray, dark red, and light red. Conclusion  The IPS e.max group has favorable TP. IPS e.max shows better aesthetic effects than the others when restoring mimic-tetracycline pigmentation teeth (on yellow background). Lava and Girrbach show better aestheticeffects on mimic-tetracycline pigmentation teeth(on gray, dark gray, dark red, and lightred backgrounds).

Key words: all-ceramic, translucencyparameter, mimic-tetracyclinepigmentationteeth, color, colordifference