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20 June 2005, Volume 23 Issue 03
  • Culture and Characteristics of Human Dental Papilla Cellsin vitro
    XIEJia-min,TIANWei-dong,TANG Wei,CHENXi- zhe,ZHENGXiao-hui,WANGTao
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  187-190. 
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    Objective To culture human dental papilla cells(HDPCs)and to study its cytobiological charactersin vitro.Meth- ods HDPCswere isolated and cultured with explant culture techniquein vitro; TypeⅠcollagen, fibronection and lamininwere detected in HDPCs and its secreted matrix with the immunocyto-chemical stain; HDPCs were incubated in mineralized promoting solution containing 10 mmol/Lβ-glycerophosphate, 100 mg/L of ascorbic acid and 10 nmol/L dexamethasone supplemented with 10% FBS and the form of mineralized nodules was tested with Alizarin Red S stainning.Results Cultured HDPCsin vitrowere well growing in DMEM/F12. TypeⅠcollagen, fibronection and laminin stainingwere all positive in bothHDPCs and its secreted matrix, and laminin was stained with bunchiness in matrix. Mineralized nodules formed after cultured 27 days by Alizarin Red S stainning.Conclusion HDPCs isolated and cultured are well growingin vitro, have a capability of synthesizing and secreting matrix and in mineralized promoting solution, are able to formmineralizer, so, HDPCs have a capacity of seed cell of tissue engi- neering regeneration tooth.

    Expression and Significance of Cyclin D1 in Human Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma
    HE Wei1,HE Wei2,CAO Xuan-ping3,LI Long-jiang1
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  191-193. 
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    Objective To observe the expression of cyclin D1 in human adnoid cystic carcinoma and its correlation with clini- cal characters.Methods The expression of cycline D1 was evaluated with immunohistochemical method in forty-one cases of human adnoid cystic carcinoma, 15 cases of PA and 12 cases of normal salivary gland tissue.Results The expression of cyclin D1 in normal tissue was negative, significantly different from PA and ACC (P<0·05). The expression level of PA was signifi- cantly lower than ACC (P<0·05). High expression of cyclin D1 was correlated with clinical stage and histological classification (P<0·05), but notwith sex, age, tumor site, recurrence, metastasis.Conclusion High expression of cyclin D1 promotes the formation and development of ACC.

    Inducement and Proliferation of MSCsin vitroand Preliminary Study on Interface between MSCs and Metal Materials
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  194-197. 
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    Objective The aims of the present studywere to assess the characteristics ofMSCswhichwere induced and prolif- eratedin vitro, then to learn the interfaces between them and metal materials.Methods Adult dogswere selected as experimen- tal animals, the MSCs (marrow stem cells) were aspirated from the femur, which were induced to the phenotype of OB (osteo- blast), then to proliferatedin vitrowith metal materials. Using biochemical tests, phase contrast microscopy, transmit electromi- croscope, scanning electromicroscope to detect MSCs and the image of interface.Results MSCs had powerful osteogenic pheno- type when they were inducedin vitro, and they also attached to the metal materials. And there were more cellswhich attached on tensile stress area than other areas.Conclusion The MSCs inducedin vitrocould be used as source of osteoblast. The affects of air-abrasion with alumina are not significant, but they have relation to the extent of strain and property of stress. [Key words] marrow stem cells|cell culture|osteogenisis|interface|strain

    Effect of Hepatocyte Growth Factor on the Proliferation of Dental Pulp Cell
    YE Ling1,LING Jun-qi1,PENG Li2,TAN Hong2,ZHOUXue-dong2
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  198-200. 
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    Objective to studythe effect of hepatocyte growth factor on the proliferation of dental pulp cell.Methods the 4th generation dental pulp cell cultured in vitro was used as target cell. 1~200μg/L hepatocyte growth factor was added in the test group while the pure cell culture DMEMas control. TheMTTmethod and flowcytometrywere applied to assay the proliferation and cell cycle of dental pulp cell of different groups.Results 1~200μg/L hepatocyte growth factor showed promoting effect to the proliferation of pulp cell since the 5th day (P<0·05). 100μg/Lwas found to be the optimal concentration. Also on the 5th day, 100μg/L hepatocyte growth factor decreased the G1 subcycle and increased the S subcycle of dental pulp cell (P<0·05). While on the 3rd day, it had no effect on the cell cycle.Conclusion hepatocyte growth factor had positive effect on the proliferation of dental pulp cell, with 100μg/L as the optimal concentration.

    Influence of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factors on the Migration, Proliferation of Osteoblasts and Periodontal Ligament Fi- broblasts
    TANZhen,GONG Ping,ZHAO Qing
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  201-203. 
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    Objective In order to determine the influence of bFGF on the biological characteristics of osteoblasts and periodon- tal ligament cells, the author investigate the influence of bFGF on the migration, proliferation of osteoblasts and periodontal liga- ment fibroblasts between osteoblasts and fibroblasts.Methods The forth generation of osteoblasts and periodontal ligament fibro- blast were obtained and the woundingmodelin vitroof themwas founded. The cellswere cultured in mediumswith orwithout bF- GF. Their migration and proliferation were observed and measured.Results Osteoblasts migrated faster than fibroblasts in com- mon culture mediumwithout bFGF and the periodontal ligament fibroblasts in culture mediumwith bFGF had higher migration rate than other groups. bFGF promoted the proliferation of both two kinds of cells.Conclusion bFGF could accelerate periodontal fi- broblasts′proliferation and migration.

    Animal Experimental Study of the Treatment of Periapical Disease with Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Pro- tein-2 Composite
    PENGHua-guang1,WANG Zhu-ping2,LIUTing-yan1,WANG Duo2
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  204-207. 
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    Objective To investigate the effect of the treatment of periapical diseaseswith recombinant human bone morphoge- netic protein (rhBMP-2) composite in dog models so as to provide basis for its clinical application.Methods The endotoxin- bacteria mixed fluid was injected into each root canal of the experimental teeth of dogs and the animal periapical disease models were built. The rhBMP-2 composite was mixed by rhBMP-2,TCP,collagen and metronidazole and used in the treatment of periapi- cal diseases in dogmodels as root apex screen. The imageology and pathology researchwere went on.Results The effective rate of the experimental group was remarkably higherthan that of the carrier group and the control groupwith remarkable statistical dif- ference(P<0.05). The quality of the repair of tissue was obviously better than the two other groups.Conclusion The rhBMP- 2 composite is a promising biological root-canal filling material.

    Effects of Orthodontic Force on Tumor Necrosis FactorαProtein Expression in the Inflammatory Periodontal Tissues 
    XIAO Li-wei1,CHEN Yang-xi2,BAIDing2,ZHANG Jing-ju2,DUANPei-jia2
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  208-210. 
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    Objective To explore the combined effects of orthodontic force and inflammation on the remodelling of periodontal tissues.Methods The upper firstmolars underwentmesial orthodontic force on 48 rats suffering experimental periodontitis and 48 rats injected lipopolysaccharide, respectively.Results TheTNF-αprotein expression in the compressed periodontal tissues fluctu- ated during 0,2,12 hours and 2,7,14 days stages, the OD value got to the peak in the compressed periodontal tissues in 2 days. Conclusion The mechanical remodelling effectswere hindered due tothe circumstance of acute or chronic inflammation. The re- search suggests that the orthodontic treatment to adult patients with periodontal inflammation should be taken carefully.

    Effect of Hypoxia on the Expression of Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator in Human Tongue Squamous Cell Carcino- ma Cells (Tca8113)
    WANG Sheng-zhi1,LIANGXin-hua2,CHENG Zhou1,BIHong-guang1,MAO Zu-yi2,WANG Da-zha- ng2
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  211-213. 
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    Objective To observe the expression of urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) in human tongue squamous carcinoma cells (Tca8113) under hypoxia, in order to explore the relation between hypoxia and invasion and metastasis of oral cancer.Methods Under different hypoxic times(0,3,6,12,24 h), the expression of uPA protein was examined quantitatively using immunohistochemical technique (IH) and flow cytometry (FCM).Results Hypoxia promoted the expression of uPA. The longer hypoxic time was, the higher expression of uPA was.Conclusion Hypoxia can promote invasion and metastasis of oral squamous carcinoma through stimulating the expression of uPA.

    Craniofacial Characteristics of the ClassⅡDivision 1 Malocclusion Patients with Mouth-breating: A Posteroanterior Cephalometric Study
    LIUXiao-jun,YAOShuang,YANGShuang,YANGPing,XUQing,WANGBing,WANG Wen-hong
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  214-216. 
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    Objective To evaluate the craniofacial characteristics of the ClassⅡ1malocclusion patientswithmouth-breating by posteroanterior cephalometry.Methods To measure craniofacial width of the 12 ClassⅡ1malocclusion patients with mouth- breathing, and to compared these measureswith correspondingmeasures in a group of normal children.Results The width of the maxillary base bone (J-J) was less than that in normal children significantly(P<0·01). The mouth-breathing children′s upper and lower archwidth (at firstmolar and cuspid) were comparatively narrower, and lateronasalwidth (Lap-Lap) was narrowertoo. Conclusion Mouth breathing may lead to craniofacial morphological abnormal development in craniofacial transverse structures.

    Effects of Microwave Power on Temperature Change in Dental Pulpal Chamberin vitro
    GUIHe-ming,DULi-juan, ZHANG Jian-ming,HUANGDA-hong
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  217-219. 
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    Objective To explore the effects of microwave powers on temperature changes of dental pulpal chamberin vitro. Methods 96 isolated teeth were prepared in three degrees of dental occlusal wear according to Smith BG′s report. Temperature change values in dental pulpal chamber were recorded by thermometer (DM6801A) while the different affect time and microwave powers acted directly and with 75% sodium fluoride glycerine paste on face of isolated teeth separately in room temperature.Re- sults The degree of temperature in dental pulpal chamberwas going up followthe raising microwave power and prolonging time. The temperature in dental pulpal chamberwith microwave acting sodium fluoride on dental occlusal was higher than acting directly dental occlusal.Conclusion The microwave power, time and degree of dental occlusalwear are very important factors on temper- ature change in dental pulpal chamber in our study.
    Effects of Post Diameter on Retention of Post-core Crown System
    WUXiao-hong,CHENXin-min,YANG Yan,NIULin, YAO Wei
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  220-222. 
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    Objective To access the effects of post′s diameter on the retention of post-core restorations.Methods Thirty- three simulant rootswith same length,taper and different diameter (1·305 mm, 1·830 mm, 2·175 mm and 2·700 mm respective- ly) were made of polymethylmethacrylate and were divided into 4 groups. The wax patterns of post-cores were manufactured and cast. The post-cores were cemented. After that, the adhesion, frictional force and restriction of the post-core restorations were measured.Results When the proportion of length and diameterwas smaller than 4·372, the linear regression between the post′s diameter and the retention of post-core crown systemwas F=107·98+72·08D. The linear regression between the post′s diameter and the adhesion was P=9·60+2·22D. The linear regression between the post′s diameter and the frictional force and restriction was Q=98·37+69·87D. The statistical analysis of the results indicated significant difference (P<0·05). When the proportion of length and diameter was lager than 4·372, the retention of post-core crown system increased although the post′s diameter de- creased.Conclusion When the proportion of length and diameter was smaller than 4·372, the retention of post-core crown sys- tem increased withthe decrease of the post′s diameter. While the proportionwas lagerthan a certain value, this rule did not exist.

    Combined Local Block Anesthesia and General Anesthesia in Cleft Lip Repairing Operation of Infants
    ZHANG Yong- ming,WANG Miao
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  223-225. 
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    Objective Summarizing the value and key point of combined use of local block anesthesia and general anesthesia in cleft lip repairing for infants.Methods Local block anesthesia and general anesthesiawere combined to use in 120 cleft lip re- pairing operation of infants usingMidazolam, Fentangl, Ketamine, Scoline (orVecuronium) in intubation, and injecting 0.5%~ 1% lidocaine of which contained 1/250 000 adrenalinum. While intubation and operation, BP, P, R, SpO2, T and ECG were observed clearly. After operation, extubation was delayed and breathing oxygen was used for infants with breathing airway infec- tion.Results While operation, anesthesia of 120 infants was smooth. After operation, the infants regain conscious quickly and no accident occurred.Conclusion For the cleft lip repairing operation to infants, as combined use of local block anesthesia and general anesthesia, anesthesia is smooth, internal environment of body is steady, bleeding is little, regaining consciousness is quick and the infants are safe.
    Combined Orthodontic-orthoganthic Surgery to Treat Asymmetric Mandibular Excess Malocclusions
    LI Xiao-bing1, CHENSong1,CHEN Yang-xi1,LIJun2
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  226-228. 
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    Objective To discuss the skeletal and dentoalveolar characteristics of asymmetric mandibular excess malocclusions and to discuss the procedures of combined orthodontic-orthonganthic surgery treatments of asymmetric mandibular excess malocclu- sions.Methods 25 cases treated by combined orthodontic-orthognathic surgery treatments were reviewed to find out the special- ties of this kind of therapy.Results The asymmetric of mandible presents anterior and posterior teeth tipped both sagitally and horizontally, as well as upper and lower jaws incompatibility. The pre-surgical orthodontic treatments included decomposition of anterior and posterior teeth, leveling and aligning the teeth etc. The post-surgical orthodontic treatments were to detail the occlu- sions. The patients all got functional and aesthetic good results after the combined orthodontic-orthognathic surgery treatments. Conclusion The asymmetric mandibular excess affects the harmony of the face badly, and the correction of itmust be carried out by the combined orthodontic-orthognathic surgery treatments. The pre-and post-surgical orthodontic treatments are the key stages to make the skeletal corrections stable.

    Analyses of Pont Index of Dental Crowding Patients and Normal Occlusion People
    XU Yan-hua1,XU Yun1,YUBing2, HANDa-jiang3
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  229-230. 
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    Objective The research aimed to analyze the significance of Pont Index in the dental crowding.Methods Re- spectively selected 91 normal occlusion persons and 101 dental crowding patients, measured every item of Pont Index of these two sample groups, and compared the results.Results ①The premolar index and molar index of dental crowding patientswere obvi- ously bigger than that of normal occlusion, and there was apparent significant difference.②There was no significant gender differ- ence of Pont Index either in normal occlusion or dental crowding patients. Whereas there was significant gender difference of pre- molar arch width and molar arch width in normal occlusion.Conclusion The occurrence of dental crowding is clearly related to Pont Index.

    Analysis of the Unsuccessful Cases of the Porcelain-fused-to-metal-crowns and Bridges
    ZHAI li-yun,ZHAO Yu-zhen, WANG Shao-ping,YANG Yue-hua
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  231-232. 
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    Objective To discuss the unsuccessful reasons and the preventive methods of the unsuccessful clinic cases.Meth- ods The retrospective analysiswas carried on the 80 prosthesis in 70 patients from 1994 to 2001 whichwere sufferedwith unsuc- cessful results after the restoration of the metal crowns and bridges.Results Therewere 68 teethwhich had collapsed or broken. 20 teeth had the post loosing or shedding. Root breaking, food impaction, unharmony colors of porcelain and the changing color of gingival were 3,3,6 and 2 teeth.Conclusion It is necessary to select suitable repairing materials and operate correctly for pre- venting the occurring of the unsuccessful results in the porcelain-fused-to-metal-corwns and bridges.

    Comparison of ALS Gene mRNA between Sessile and PlanktonicCandida albicansof Oral Cavities
    QI Qing-guo,HU Tao,FUChun-hua,ZHOUXue-dong
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  233-236. 
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    Objective To observe the differentmRNAlevels ofCandida albicansALS gene family between planktonic and bio- film-grown cells.Methods ATCC 90038 and a wild strain of Candida albicans, biofilm modelsin vitrowere formed on glass slides. After 48 hours′incubation, the biofilm-grown cells were harvested. Half-quantification of ALS1 and ALS4 mRNA was based on the amplification by one-step RT-PCR.Results The amounts ofALS1 and ALS4 mRNAof thewild strain in biofilm in- creased comparing with planktonic cells, while ATCC 90038 didn′t.Conclusion The members ofALS gene familymay play im- portant roles in the course ofCandida albicansbiofilm formation.

    Dynamic Release of Tinidazole from the Degradable PLLA-tinidazole Blend Gel
    LIUJuan1,XIAO Li-ying1,LI Wei1, DING Yi1,ZHANG Ping1,YUANMing-long2
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  237-239. 
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    Objective To determine the dynamic release of tinidazole from the degradable poly-lactic acid (PLLA)-tinidazole blend gel (a periodontal local drug delivery) by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)in vitroand to observe the poly- lactic acid (as a vector of tinidazole) howto affect the release of tinidazole.Methods HPLC analysiswas conducted. The oper- ating conditions were C18-ODS-A column, water-methanol-acetic acid as mobile phase at a flowrate of 1·5 ml/min and a detection wavelength at 310 nm and a column temperature at 30℃.Results ①The retention time of tinidazole was about 12 min. ②There was good linear relationship between the concentrations of tinidazole in blend gel and their peak areas in the ranges of 5~ 500 mg/L. The regression reactionwasy=0·836+8·452 2×10-5x(r=0·998 6). RSDwas 0·2%.③Polylactic acid had no influence on the determination of tinidazole. The daily average release of tinidazole was 5·60%.The cumulative release of tini- dazole was about 78·40% in 14 days.Conclusion Thein vitrodrug release analysis is an useful method in evaluating the per- formance of local drug delivery system. HPLC analysis is a simple and accurate method with good reproducibility.

    Expression of Osteoclast Differentiation Factor and Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Enhanced with Osteogenic Differentiation
    WANG Jun1,ZHAO Zhi-He1,LUO Song-jiao1,FAN Yu-bo2
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  240-243. 
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    Objective To investgate whether the expression of osteoclast differentiation factor(ODF), intercellular adhesion molecule-1(ICAM-1) depended on the stage of osteoblastic differentiation from rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells(BM- SC).Methods BMSC (4 passage) were selected for osteogenic differentiation by treated with osteogenic supplements(OS). Cells were harvested by day 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 respectively after osteogenic inducement. In each experiment, control and OS- treated cells were processed in parallel. ODF and ICAM-1 mRNAwere analyzed by semiquantitave RT-PCR assay.Results  Expression of ODFwas enhanced with osteogenic differentiation guadully. whereas, expression of ICAM-1 was activated at OS- treated day 6, then keeping at a stable level.Conclusion This study indicated that BMSC undergoing osteogenic inducement was an ideal model for studying the differentiation and maturation of osteoblasts. During the early stage of differentiation along os- teoblasts from stem cells to osteocytes, BMSC or osteoprogenitor react somewhat differently from osteoblasts, suggesting the ability of osteoblasts to regulating differentiation and maturation of osteoclasts have been improved with osteogenic culture.

    Analysis of Distalization of Lower Canine by Light-segmented Archwire
    LUXin-hua,CAI Bin,WULi-ping,XIE Yong- jian
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  244-246. 
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    Objective To analyze the practical effect of distalization of lower cuspiud by light-segmented archwire.Methods  17 caseswere selected. In all cases, two lower first bicuspidswere extracted and lowermolarswere designed as reinforced anchor- age. In the first half year, lower cuspids were distalized with light-segmented archwire, and lower incisors were in the physiologic drift stage. Before the treatment, three months and six months after the treatment, cephalograms and study models were recorded respectively. The data were analyzed with SPSS 10·0.Results The distance of mesiolization of the first lower molar was 1·14 mm in half a year. The distance of distalization of the lower cuspidwas 5·02 mm in half a year. No significant differencewas found in LM-MP and SN-MP angle. LI-NB angle was decreased by 9·57°. Crowding of lower incisors was transferred from -2·55 mm to 1·08 mm.Conclusion During distalization of lower cuspid by light-segmented archwire, anchorage toothwas sta- ble, lower cuspids were distalized effectively, and lower incisors drifted towards the ideal position automatically.
    Effect of Camera Control Devices of Cerec 2 on the Fit of CAD/CAM All-ceramic Copyings of Posterior Tooth
    CHEN Yue,LIHong,ZHAO Yun-feng,LIANGXing
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  247-250. 
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    Objective To investigate the effect of camera control devices of Cerec 2 on the fit of CAD/CAM all-ceramic copy- ings of posterior tooth.Methods 24 all-ceramic copyings were made by Cerec 2 with camera control devices and that without camera control devices. Copyings were embed and sectioned, then SEM and image analyzer was used to measure the space be- tween the copyings and dies atthe marginal opening, the axialwall, and the occlusal adaptation atthe measurement locations.Re- sults ①The marginal fit at buccal space of copyingswith camera control devices groupwas smallerthan thatwithout camera con- trol devices group(P<0·05).②The internal fit of of copyings had statistically significant difference at mesio-axial,disto-axial, bucco-axial,bucco-occlusal,linguo-occlusal and disto-occlusal space between camera control device group andwithout camera con- trol devices group(P<0·05).③There was no statistical difference on the marginal fit and internal fit of copyings between Vita MKⅡand porous alumina oxide(P<0·05).Conclusion The Cerec 2 with camera control devices reduced effectively the in- accuracy of inner space of copyings which contributed from the technical errors of the operator, and provided well-proportioned space for adhesive. Both the fit of copyings made of Vita MKⅡand porous alumina oxide satisfied the clinical demand.

    Effect of Thickness and Shade of Porcelain of Ceramometal Restorations on Color of Gingival Porcelain
    SUNJun,LUO Yun,CHAO Yong-lie
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  251-253. 
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    Objective The purpose of this study was to evaluate the color changes of gingival porcelain through varying thick- ness and shade of porcelain of ceramometal restorations.Methods In this study a spectrophotometer (PR-650) was used for col- or analysis. The color changes of dentin porcelain and gingival porcelain with three varied thickness (0·3 mm, 0·6 mm and 0·9 mm) were investigated. In addition, the color variances of Shofu vintage porcelain shade A2, A3and B2were tested.Results  The results showed that decreased L* value of ceramometal restorations and increased a* value were due to the increase of the gingival porcelain thickness, color measurements showed the same trend as the increased dentin porcelain thickness and the opaque and dentin porcelain with different color affected the appearance of gingival porcelain.Conclusion The color of gingival porcelain would be changed with the differences of thickness and shade of porcelain of ceramometal restorations.

    Apoptosis of Human Oral Epidermoid Carcinoma KB Cells and Multidrug Resistant KBv200 Cells Induced by Matrine
    ZHANGJin-ting1,CUIHui-xian2,LI Qing-xing1,ZHANGHui-jun1,BAI Yu2
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  254-257. 
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    Objective To investigate the induction of apoptosis on human oral epidermoid carcinoma KB cells and multidrug resistant KBv200 cells byMatrine.Methods MTT assay was used to investigate the inhibition ability of Matrine on the cellsin vitro. Transmission electronmicroscopewas used to observe the ultrastructure feature of cells aftertreated byMatrine. Acridine or- ange (AO)/Ethidium bromide (EB) fluorescent staining and flow cytometry were used to observe apoptosis induced by Matrine. Flow cytometry was applied to study the effects of the drug on cell cycles of the cells.Results When 0.50,1.00,1.50,2.00 mg/ml of Matrine was used, the vital rates of KB and KBv200 cellswere decreased according toMatrine′s concentration. The IC50 concentrations ofMatrine on KB and KBv200 cells were 1.35 mg/ml and 1.43 mg/ml individually. The results of AO/EB fluores- cent staining and flow cytometry showed thatMatrine could induce apoptosis of two kinds of cells. While observed by transmission electron microscope, there were more contraction of cells, condensation of nuclei, bubble of cytoplasm in both kinds of cells after treated byMatrine. Matrine could stop the growth of KB and KBv200 cells at S period and restrain mitosis of cells.Conclusion  Matrine can inhibit the growth of KB and KBv200 cells by inducing apoptosis. The apoptosis effect is dose-dependent and it has certain relation to the blocking of S period cells.
    Study of Caries Polarization in 2-5 Year-old Children of Shenyang, China
    ZHANGXiao-fang1,XUXue-bin1,CHENGRui- bo1,PANLin2
    West China Journal of Stomatology. 2005, 23(03):  258-259. 
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    Objective To investigate dental caries polarization in 2-5 year-old children.Methods 3 799 random samples of 2-5 year-old children from attending kindergarten in Shenyang were selected. Means of dmft index and SiC index for each age group were calculated by WHO Collaborating Center. The subjects of each age groupwere further divided into subgroups of differ- ent level of dmft: the dmft of subgroup I was 0, the dmft of subgroup II was 1, the dmft of subgroup III was 2, the dmft of sub- group IVwas equal to or more than 3. The obtained data were analyzed statistically with SPSS 10.0.Results 4.5% of 2-year- old children were carriers of 60.0% of the total dmft in that age group, 13.2% of 3-year-old childrenwere carriers of 69.4% of the total dmft in that age group, 34.4% of 4-year-old children were carriers of 86.6% of the total dmft in that age group, and 47.8% of 5-year-old children were carriers of 89.8% of the total dmft of that age group.Conclusion This study supports the assertion that a small percentage of personswith high dental caries rate and a large percentage of caries-free persons of early child- hood caries.