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Acute Toxicity and Local Stimulate Test of CucurbitacinBE Polylactic Acid Nano-particles of Targeting Cervical Lymph Nodes

Yang Kai, Wen Yuming, Li Longjiang, et al   

  1. Yang Kai Department ofStomatology, the First AffiliatedHospital, ChongqingMedicalUniversity Wen Yuming, Li Longjiang, Wang Changmei,et al College ofStomatology, West China UniversityofMedicalSicences
  • Received:2001-12-25 Revised:2001-12-25 Online:2001-12-20 Published:2001-12-20


Objective: The aim of this experiment was to study acute toxicity and local stimulation of cucurbitacinBE poly_lactic acid nano_particles (CuBE_PLA_NP) for targeting cervical lymph node. Methods: Various doses of CuBE_PLA_NP lyophilization injection and cucurbitacinBE (CuBE) were hypodermically or veno_injected into the mice, and then the drug toxicity and side effects were observed; 50% lethal dose (LD\-\{50\}) was counted. CuBE_PLA_NP lyophilization injection and CuBE were also injected into the quadriceps femoralis muscle of rabbits to observe the local stimulate responses of drugs.Results: The fifty percent lethal doses of subcutaneous and venous CuBE_PLA_NP in mice were 16 74 mg/kg±1 83 mg/kg and 5 60 mg/kg±0 83 mg/kg respectively, that were higher than those of CuBE which were 8 63 mg/kg±1 00 mg/kg and 2 50 mg/kg±0 30 mg/kg respectively. Local stimulate response in rabbit quadriceps femoralis muscle after CuBE_PLA_NP and CuBE injected are 0 grade and 0 1 grade respectively. Conclusion: The acute toxicity of CuBE_PLA_NP is lower than that of CuBE. Both CuBE_PLA_NP and CuBE are adequate for local injection, but the local stimulation of CuBE_PLA_NP is smaller than that of CuBE.

Key words: cucurbitacinBE, polylactic acid, nano_particl, oral carcinoma, cervicallymphnodemetastasis, targeted chemotherapy, side effects