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Clinical Application of Anticancer Nanoparticles Targeting Metastasis Foci of Cervical Lymph Nodes in Patients with Oral Carcinoma

YANGKai*,WENYuming,WANGChangmei,et al.   

  1. *Department ofOral andMaxillofacialSurgery,the FirstAffiliatedHospi- tal,Chongqing University ofMedical Sciences,Chongqing400016,China
  • Received:2003-12-25 Revised:2003-12-25 Online:2003-12-20 Published:2003-12-20


Objective The aim of this studywas to investigate the target delivery of Cucurbitacin BE (CuBE) to cervical lymph nodes by peri-oralcancer submucosal injection of the average diameter 85nm Cucurbitacin BE polylactic acid nanoparticles (CuBE-PLA-NP) and evaluate its clinical therapy efficacy.Methods CuBE and CuBE-PLA-NP were respectively injected into perioralcancer submucosa at 2、12、24、48、72、96、120、144、168 and 192 hours before operation in 26 patients with oral cancer. The concentrations of CuBE in cervical lymph nodes and bloodwere measured by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) at every time point. Cancer cell degeneration and necrosis in metastasis foci of cervical lymph nodeswere observed using light mi- croscope and electron microscope.Results (1)The CuBE concentrations in cervical lymph nodes after CuBE-PLA-NP injection were far higher than those after CuBE injection at every time point, the duration of CuBE existing in the cervical lymph nodes in CuBE-PLA-NP group was far longer than those in CuBE group, the area under the CuBE concentrations-time curve of the cervical lymph nodes in CuBE-PLA-NPgroupwas 43.67 times asmany as that in CuBEgroup; (2)The CuBE ratio ofmaximum concentra- tions in the cervical lymph nodes in CuBE-PLA-NP group was 106.46 times as high as that in CuBE group; (3) The CuBE con- centrations in the blood in CuBE-PLA-NP groupwas far lower than that in CuBE group; (4)Cancer cell necrosis and degeneration in the metastasis foci of cervical lymph nodes were found in CuBE-PLA-NP group, necrosis and degeneration were not found in CuBE group.Conclusion The perioralcancer submucosa injection of the average diameter of 85nm CuBE-PLA-NP can specifical- ly deliver CuBE to the cervical lymph nodes, enhance treatment efficiency, and reduce general toxicity.

Key words: polylactic acid, nanoparticles, oral neoplasm, lymph nodes metastasis, targeted therapy