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A Retrospective Study on the Complications after Modified Parotidectomy in Benign Tumors of Parotid Gland

ZHAO Hong-wei,LILong-jiang,HANBo,LIUHua,PANJian   

  1. Dept.ofOral and Maxillofacial Surgery,West China College of Stomatology,Sichuan University,Chengdu610041,China
  • Received:2005-02-25 Revised:2005-02-25 Online:2005-02-20 Published:2005-02-20


Objective A retrospective clinic study is presented of surgical patients undergoing a modified parotidectomy with conserving the sub-superficial musculoaponeurotic system (sub-SMAS) and great auricular nerve and reconstructing by the sterno- cleidomastoid flap(SF). The incidence of clinical complications was observed after the parotidectomy.Methods 226 patients were divided randomly into fourgroups. Group 1 (94 cases) were operated bythe conservingthe sub-SMAS. Group 2 were operat- ed by the sub-SMAS and constructed by SF. Group 3 (57 cases) were treated by the subcutaneous flap (sub-CF). Group 4 (33 cases) were received by sub-CF and SF. The surgical technique was described and the incidence of clinical Frey′s syndrome was evaluated by minor test(starch-iodine test)and observed gustatory sweating syndrome. The feeling and concave of the region of au- ricular lobule were followed up.Results The incidence of Frey′s syndrome in group 1 (5·32%) or group 2 (4·76%) was sig- nificantly lower than that of group 3 (49·1%) or group 4 (51·5%) through by subjective observation and minor test(P< 0·005). The significance between group with SF and group without SF existed in protecting the concave of the region of auricular lobule(P<0·05). The feeling of the region of auricular lobule had no change by preserving the great auricular nerve.Conclusion  There was good effect to prevent gustatory sweating syndrome in parotidectomy of reserve parotid fascia. The aesthetics and sense of the region of auricular lobule could be prevented by using SF and reserving the great auricular nerve.

Key words: parotidectomy, gustatory sweating syndrome, fascia, complication