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A Retrospective Clinical Study of 6539 Cases of Malignant Oral-maxillofacial Tumors

Wen Yuming, Dai Xiaoming, Wang Changmei, et al   

  1. Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, College of Stomatology,West China University of MedicalScienses
  • Received:2001-10-25 Revised:2001-10-25 Online:2001-10-20 Published:2001-10-20


Objective:The aim of this study is to obtain the general information of post-operation malignant oral-maxillofacial tumor pa- tients in forty-seven years.Methods: A total of 6539 patientswith malignant oral-maxillofacial tumors in the hospital of stomatolo- gy, west china university of medical sciences, from 1953 to 2000 were retrospected.Results: The average age of patientswithma- lignant oral-maxilloficial tumor is 48.7 years old. The ratio of male to female is 2.31B1. The most common original malignant tu- mors in this oral-maxillofacial region are malignant oral tumors, malignant maxillary tumors, malignant mandibular tumors, and malignant sialoma successively. As to the original tissues of tumors, there were 5869 cases of epithelial tumors, and made up 89.75% of all the investigated patients. Tumors came from lymphatic and hematopoietic systems and mesoderm were much less those came from epithelia. There were 4177 cases of squamous cell carcinomas and the percentage was 63.88%.ConclusionBThe incidence rate of malignant tumors in oral-maxillofacial region tends to increase, and the average age of patients also rose. The ra- tio of male to female decreasesgradually. Epithelial tumors, especially squamous cell carcinomas are very common tumors happen- ing in this region.

Key words: oral-maxillofacial region, malignant tumor, retrospective research