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Cone-beam CT features of ameloblastomas

 Luo Jingjing, You Meng, Wen Chenni, Xu Laiqing, Zheng Guangning   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases, Dept. of Radiological, West China Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610041, China
  • Online:2014-08-01 Published:2014-08-01


Objective  To summarize and analyze the cone-beam CT (CBCT) imaging features of ameloblastomas for clinical preoperative diagnosis. Methods  Thirty-seven cases with complete data proven by pathology were retrospectively studied for distinct CBCT features. Results  Of the 37 cases, 31 were primary and 6 were recurrent. On CBCT images, the 37 cases were composed of 36 cases (97.3%) of intraosseous lesions (17 cases of multilocular lesions, 17 cases of unilocular lesions, and 2 cases of honeycomb lesion) and 1 case (2.7%) of extraosseous lesion (soft tissue lesion). Of the 17 multilocular cases, 15 (88.2%) showed tongue-shaped crests in lesions. Thirty-four cases (94.4%) showed apparent expansible change toward lip/buccal and(or) palatal/lingual sides of jaw,with partialcortical erosion. Conclusion  CBCT imaging yields accurate three-dimensional images of lesion shape and structure. Therefore, CBCT can be usedfor the clinical diagnosis and surgical assessment of ameloblastoma.

Key words: ameloblastoma, cone-beam CT, clinical diagnosis